How your Firstjob influences your Career

Your first job is going to influence your future career and here’s how.

As you walk down the steps of college and enter the workforce as a full-time contributing member of the society, you will find yourself looking up the ladder of opportunity. Registering yourself on job portals and looking for jobs on your own for the first time can seem a little unnerving at first but you learn to weigh the value of various job postings and make a decision completely on your own. Important factors affect this decision-making process and how your one choice will affect your career path in the future.

The application process.

Before searching for jobs in the market- offline and online, it is advisable to list down your SWOT analysis. Write down, yes write down what defines your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. This practice gives you an idea of-

  1. Who you are?
  2. What you want to do?
  3. Where you would love to work and why?
  4. How would you contribute to the organizations that choose you?

Once you understand your capabilities, growth and value expectations; you can easily filter your search and find a job that is more authentic to your self. This way you’ll be able to shortlist companies and accept opportunity from the one you feel will consider your growth just as important as its existence. So enlist a group of names you would like to work with as your first job, send across your applications and keep your spirits high. Always.Remember if you’re good at something, there is a job for you and it’ll find you. Just make sure to give your best impression and be visible on their radar.

Preparing your portfolio.

In the job market, you are a fresh face with an identity you have to create for yourself. Your introduction to future employers matter a lot as you have to stand different from among hundred applicants who are starting out just like you and probably share your mastery/knowledge skill. But a portfolio will always be different. It’s simple; there is one job but also a possible number of ways you could get it done.

When you create and present your own unique portfolio, the company that reviews your profile will be able to judge your level of intelligence, work efficiency & creativity and try to match you with the profile they’re looking for.


For example – If you’re a writer applying for the post of Content Writer, it is advisable to attach a link to your blog or a presentation of your 5 best write up pieces that will give the employer an idea of how you think and craft, your knowledge of the literary world and how well you can sell your content in any given circumstance.

Being a fresher the only thing that matters is that you gain meaningful experiences and real world skills. It is important to understand that if you do not land your dream job in your first try, then you have every right to keep failing till you get that sought-after nameplate. On your way up the job ladder, no matter what job you decide to take on, remember that everything that you learn on the job counts as a key that will add value to your career path and help you achieve your goal with ease.

On the contrary,if you find yourself in an incompetent and stagnant position, then you do have the choice to change your workplace or if the job doesn’t seem fulfilling, you could opt for a job shift. As a fresher you’re not expected to figure things out and hence few jumps in the beginning will be acceptable. Regardless, when you decide to go on the search again, find a job where you can stay for over 2 years or more and also give your current company quality work and fulfill all your responsibilities before you leap.

Progressing from student to an earning member of the society will see a positive transition of change as you learn to strengthen your skills, build a network of colleagues who share strong work ethics, positively deal with criticism, and at the end of the day add to objective achievements and significant value to the organization.

All the Best!