Moment of truth: Your first job will make or break your future. Here’s why.

On graduation day, when freshers dot the halls in their black attire and academic hats, one thought unites them all. This day marks the time when each graduate would go out and be a part of the corporate world. They would be an equally contributing member in the social, economical and global space. It may so happen that many would have already found their dream job and some would even have shortlisted companies they would love to be a part of. But there are always numbers who wait around for direction.

The working class arena is completely new to a graduate and so he or she will be testing the waters for the first time on their first job. At any point of time if he or she feels undervalued or stagnant in their respective designations then there is a chance of walking away. Furthermore, a bad experience will make the candidate resilient and choosey about finding jobs which will cause them few months or years without a job and this will reflect badly on their CV.A questionable profile with no experience from the day of graduation has a chance of getting rejected by future prospective employers.

It is important to find the right job, led by a motto of values you believe in. First experiences matter just as much as first impressions. At your first job, you get picked by an employer because you have proven your skill and therefore he or she is willing to trust you with a set of responsibilities. Similarly, you agreed to trust the organization and be a part of the work culture where you believe you’ll be able to watch yourself grow both as an individual and as a budding professional.

First Jobs is an online portal that is both a mentor and a friend designed for freshers to help them find a stepping stone that will lead them towards their dream career. Since it’s your first time getting to know the industry, you’ll need a friend who can guide you about everything that has been going on including the recent buzz. First Jobs is where you’ll learn how to introduce yourself to prospective employers so that they know what you’re looking for in a company. It then helps you to connect with employers who are seeking your level of expertise and welcome you to their family if you stand to make an impression.