Good Questions to Ask an Interviewer, if the opportunity arises

Sometimes, interviewers provide the candidate with an opportunity to ask questions. This is a welcome opportunity for you to clarify anything about the company that is not clear, or, more importantly, ask questions that convey your serious interest in the company. Never ask questions answers to which you can readily find over the internet like “what business is your company”, “how many people does the company employ” etc. Some of the questions you may consider asking are listed below;

  1. What does it take for fresh graduates like me to succeed in your company?
  2. What kind of training and development opportunities can I expect?
  3. How will my performance be measured and evaluated?
  4. How would you describe your organization culture?
  5. What is your management style? What should I do to work best with my Managers?
  6. What can I expect in terms of career development opportunities? Do you have a structured career development process in place?
  7. What would I need to do to get promoted to the next level? How long does it take?
  8. Who will be my direct Supervisor?
  9. What are next steps after this interview?

While it is important to ask the right questions, if the opportunity arises, to demonstrate your interest in the position, it is equally important to know and understand the questions you should not ask at this stage. These are questions that could fall in one of the following categories:

  • deemed as being of a personal or selfish nature
  • answers to which would be readily available in the public domain
  • considered as irrelevant for the present discussion

Some of these are listed below:

  1. What are the working hours?
  2. What are my salary /benefits?
  3. How many leaves I will be entitled to?
  4. When will I promoted?
  5. Do we have cab facility for pick-up & drop?
  6. Do we have a canteen for lunch, dinner etc?
  7. What business does your company do?
  8. Who is the CEO of the company?
  9. In how many colours is the company’s main product manufactured?